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We specialize in steep slope excavating services with our Menzi Muck Spider Excavators. These machines have the capability to safely work on 100%+ steep slopes, as well as in 6 feet of water. they are environmentally friendly machines and perfectly suited for erosion control in creeks and rivers, as they can perform their tasks well incurring the least amount of damage. You don't need benches or roads to go where these machine can go and, therefore, they can climb up and down steep slopes without destroying everything to get to the job site. Though these machine are spectacular on uneven terrain, they performs superbly on the easier jobs as well.


Advantages of our Menzi Muck spider excavators:  


Far less ground pressure than conventional excavators.

Envionmentally friendly- Hydraulic system uses Panolin Biodegradable hydraulic fluid. Biodegradable Non-Toxic grease used for lubrication.

Absolutely sure footed in extreme terrain.

Ability to safely operate on slope up to 100% and steeper under the right conditions.

Capable of running numerous attachments; harvester head, mulching unit, rock breaker, rock drill and various buckets.


Tier 3 and Tier 4 engines.

- Winch (both machines are equipped with OEM self contained, operator controlled winches). (The winch can be used both as additional security and/or has the ability to pull construction materials up to the machine).

- Helac Power-tilt A91

- Roto-tilt M545

- Various digging buckets

- Grading/ Ditching buckets

- 360 degree, continous rotating grapple

- Denis Cimaf DAH-100D mulching/mastication unit

- Rock Breaker

- Wimmer AB2300 T20 Rock Drill- Capable of top hammer drilling, down the hole hammer drilling or injection anchor drilling (geo-drills).





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